Main functions Social Media For Business Online

Main functions Social Media For Business Online

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Hello friend - friend , Here i want to share my experience just how to use social media for business ? today we know a lot of people who are interested in doing social media for business activities , without knowing how the heck to use it.

The first thing to note is

There are three most important things in digital marketing are ​

  1. What was Earn Media ?
  2. What is Paid Media ?
  3. What it Owned Media ?

Okey we started to peel one by one what it is called digital marketing trifecta , incidentally i know this by street smart , so if there is a theory that does not correspond apologize in advance .

Determine Your OWNED MEDIA

  1. Do you already have an online business? If yes, what products? Let say your product Packaging Food / Snacks.
  2. Asset what you want to do business online in addition to the website? hmm, most people would say use multiple social media platforms such as twitter, facebook, instagram, forums. I question whether they explain how to operate social media? of course not, here i will peel one by one how to utilize the social media platform (my next article).
  3. How do I choose the right social media to run the business? I question then select one of the wide variety of social media platforms available. let say for the small medium business to create a website will release substantial funds and monthly maintenance that must be borne. i have suggestion using social media platforms that Instagram and Pinterest. why? (answer at my next article)

So OWNED MEDIA your Instagram and Pinterest, very simple just this thing that you need to pay attention, because the focus using the social media platform is the key to making money.


  1. What is meaning of Earn media? simplicity is what you expect from your business? of course our objective is money, besides money of course there are more important things than that if you are doing online business trust and brand.
  2. What is a Trust? how the online transaction can be executed if obstructed buyer confidence problems? Thanks to the platform, and website. you can sell easily without having to think again trust into consideration buyer because user safety is guaranteed by the website. so gain trust from buyer with show your product photos, your shop, your stock of goods, or other things like the delivery receipt, from buyer testimonials.
  3. Brand?  sure you have the brand product? what is your brand? you must reflect the nuances of your brand in your pinterest & instagram account and so the tone of your brand is clear, if you are the dominant brand in blue, red and white, the tone of your social media and social media content you must use these colors so that the trust of buyers can be formed and the value of your brand from time to time will increase.


i will not recommended for Medium Small Business by using paid media, if you want to use paid media can deliver to digital marketing agency solution .

This article is based on my experience from work at IT company. If you are interested in this subject, you can further discussions with me , this is my private email - [email protected] , i will reply after office hours for sure , so if late reply apologize, and i'm so glad you guys can help your business.

Feel Free to contact me : marvinaditya

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